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The database "Chromosome numbers of the Flora of Germany" has been developed as an online repository and database system of chromosome counts and flow cytometric ploidy estimates of ferns and seed plants of Germany. The database provides standardized taxon identity, georeferenced locality and collection details of studied material, as well as publication details from which the karyological information was extracted. The content is continuously updated. Taxonomical and nomenclatural reference is " Rothmaler ‐ Exkursionsflora von Deutschland" (Jäger 2011).

Information on the historical project background can be found here.

For comments, requests or contributions please use the Contact and/or Data Submission form.

Please cite the database as follows:
Paule J*, Gregor T*, Schmidt M*, Gerstner E-M, Dersch G, Dressler S, Wesche K, Zizka G 2017. Chromosome numbers of the flora of Germany – a new online database of georeferenced chromosome counts and flow cytometric ploidy estimates. Plant Systematics and Evolution 303(8):1123-1129, doi:10.1007/s00606-016-1362-y. *authors contributed equally

We acknowledge funding by the DFG (grant Zi557/13-1).

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